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Sunday, October 22, 2006

After Saturday's ride, I went over to Matt's place to join him and Lisa for a bit of Matt's excellent lemon chicken on rice. Naturally, I broght my camera — something neither entirely unexpected nor entirely sanctioned by Matt, judging from his facial expression in this photo.

We ate, drank red wine, and made plans for the eveing. Matt's friend James had invited us to join him at a bar on Södermalm.

This particular bar, Ugglan, was located in the basement and had a gravel floor where several people could play boule. Matt and James played a game or two.

Matt must have one that round, because he played Jame's girlfriend Karin in the next.

After a couple of shots taken with the flash and my 18-70mm lens, I switched back to my favorie party lens, my trusty f/1.4 50mm. The downstairs area was illumnated by some hideous green flourescent bulbs, so that explains the odd cast to these photos.

Joining Jame and Karin was Stephen, an Austrialian photographer who's living in Stockholm. He and I chatted quite a bit about cameras and photography. He also told him about his photography business here in town.

James, me, Karin, Stephen & Matt. Lisa took the photo.


Karin & Stephen, watching the ping-pong game in progress.

In addition to the boule courts, there was a ping-pong table. Folks there were playing a sort of game in which everyone lines up around the table and moves clockwise around the table. When you get to the end, you take one strke at the ball. If you miss, you're out and the circle of players shrinks by one. When it gets down to 6 people, they're really moving quickly. When it's only 3 people, they're scrambling to make it around to the opposite side in time to return the ball. When it's only two people left, these two play 2 out of 3 standard ping-pong games to determine the winner. Then it starts over.

James playing.

Stephen borrowed my camera for a while, and took a few photos, including this nice one of Karin.

... and one of me.

I took this close-up of Lisa while she was engaged in spirited conversation. She uses her hands a lot when she speaks. In this photo and several others, a candle on the table illuminates the subject. The candle provided much more natural looking light than the harsh flourescents bulbs. The combination of orange candlelight and green artificial light makes for an interesting photo though.

The ping-pong table, with a circle of players.

I met these friendly girls from England. The are here in Stockholm just for five days of holiday, so I told them a few sights worth seeing.

Hi. mom!


Matt & Lisa.

After being eliminated from one of the ping-pong games, I chatted briefly with this friendly girl and her boyfriend. She's a photographer too. There are photographers everywhere!

She posed for this photo. Lovely!

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