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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Essist Christmas party, 2006

Here are a bunch of photos from the Essist company Christmas party on Monday night.

We started out at the Bull & Bear Inn, a pub on Birger Jarlsgatan downtown near Östermalmstorg.

Åsa was having fun playing with her new Canon Ixus camera.

The party was at Beirut Café, a nice Lebanese restaurant located on Engelbrektsgatan just a bit North of Humlegården.

The man. The legend. Erik.

Hey, now that's a nice picture.


I met another photographer there named Sanna. Say cheese, Sanna!

The food was excellent.

The barman made me an excellent mojito.


Yeah, that's a keeper.

Such pretty girls!

A bellydancer enteretained us for a while, and even convinced Mister Häggman to dance.

Howdy, cowgirl!

After the restaurant kicked us out, we reitred to Café Opera for some dancing and a few more drinks.

Yeah , baby. Yeah!

The other dancers appeared to be having fun.

And I mean fun.

More drinks? Noooooooo!

Just a little one!

Well, ok. Just one more.

Mister Cool.

Greetings from Stockholm!

That's all, folks!

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